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Thematic Breakfast

WHEN: Tuesday, May 13, 2008, 7:30 am – 8:30am

WHERE: Frontenac Room

WHY: Thematic breakfasts are a great opportunity for CES 2008 Conference participants to network and share experiences! These informal groups will discuss a shared interest in a particular area or topic of evaluation.

DETAILS: Delegates interested in attending or hosting a Thematic Breakfast are asked to submit their name, e-mail address and the topic they would like to discuss to the Conference Secretariat. As a facilitator you need only to identify a theme or topic and meet your group at the table number assigned to your topic. The discussion is meant to be informal. Your name will be added to the group on the Web site so that you are aware of your tablemates.

Please the information to: Jennifer.shaver@thewillowgroup.com

You don't need to prepare anything!

Should potential participants have inquiries about the topic and content, they can contact the Conference Secretariat directly.


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