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Using Implementation Evaluation Performance Results Output Evidence to Improve Program Design and Delivery (15) [EN]

Sandiran Premakanthan, Symbiotic International Consulting Services

May 11, 2008, 1:00pm - 7:00pm - Introduction - 30 seats

The workshop will demonstrate the application of the elements of the Results based Management Accountability Framework (RMAF) used in planning, conducting and reporting of findings of the Implementation Evaluation. The evaluation knowledge base is strengthened by the standardized logic model approach to describing program performance results using a generic high level program theory of action based on key-results activities, a set of generic outcomes and performance measures. The process of gathering program performance outputs and the analysis of the output evidence (the number and type of outputs produced) while validating the program theory of action could provide vital clues to improving program design and delivery. The outputs could tell you whether your program is heading in the right direction and creating, more importantly the short term impacts and effects. It also tells you whether the desired performance results are measurable using the performance measures in your strategy (an evaluability assessment). The findings of the study could be generalized for use in implementation evaluation studies and in improving program design and delivery.


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