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Empowerment Evaluation: Theory and Practice (17) [EN]

Paul Favaro, Peel District School Board; Sumbal Malik, Peel District School Board

May 11, 2008, 1:00pm - 7:00pm - Advanced - 25 seats

This interactive workshop is an advanced course designed to enhance participants' awareness and understanding of the key theoretical and advanced practical techniques of empowerment evaluation. The specific objectives of the workshop are: 1) to increase the knowledge of empowerment evaluation concepts, procedures, and standards of professional practice; 2) to apply this knowledge in practical hands-on empowerment evaluation activities; and 3) to reflect on the role of empowerment evaluation in fostering improvement, self-determination, and community-based modes of action. The historical, current, and future directions of empowerment evaluation will be presented. Participants will have an opportunity to work in small groups on case-based scenarios and apply a variety of empowerment evaluation tools and procedures. The workshop will end with a group discussion and question period.


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