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Hearing Silent Voices: Using Visual Methods to Involve Children and Youth in Evaluation (04) [EN]

Linda E. Lee, Proactive Information Services Inc.; Denise Belanger, Proactive Information Services Inc.

11 mai 2008, 9 h 00 - 12 h 00 - Intermediate - 25 places

While evaluators understand the importance of multiple stakeholder perspectives, many struggle with how to ensure the participation of those traditionally ‘without a voice,' vulnerable or disenfranchised populations. Children and youth, persons with disabilities, or those have low literacy in the majority language(s) hold important views regarding the programs, services, and situations, which affect them, but their perspectives are not always included.

This workshop will be grounded in theory, but will also be high participatory and interactive. Stemming from a rights-based approach, this workshop will explore the why and how of including children and youth in the evaluation process. Through their work in Canada, Lithuania, and numerous countries in East Central and South Eastern Europe, Linda and Denise will share a variety of visually based techniques and how these can be coupled with more traditional methods. In particular, participants will have an opportunity to explore the use of drawing, photography, and mapping as tools for elicits the voices of children and youth. Ethical considerations will also be discussed.


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