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Call for workshops

The period for submitting presentation and workshop proposals is now closed. We received a large number of quality proposals that exceeded our expectations. We wish to thank everyone who submitted a proposal.

Dates: The workshops will be held at the beginning of the Conference on May 11, 2008.

Target public: The workshops will be accessible to anyone interested in evaluation and monitoring, regardless of his or her level of knowledge and expertise.

Objectives: The workshops are practical and interactive learning sessions held under the supervision of an expert and will allow participants to acquire or improve competencies. The workshops will last a half-day or a full day.

Selection process: The majority of the workshops will be selected through the public Call for Proposals. It is, however, possible, that some workshops will be initiated by special invitation, either to address a particular training need or to fill particular gaps in training not covered from the Call for Proposals, or based on a proposal made by a specific contributor.

Selection criteria: The proposals will be examined on the basis of the following criteria:

  • Quality of the workshop proposal;
  • Contribution to the improvement of expertise and practice in evaluation;
  • Ability to integrate learning in diverse practice contexts;
  • Coherence between the workshop objectives, contents and training methods;
  • Realism of the workshop given its objectives and the time available;
  • Expertise of the presenter(s).

Process for submission of proposal: For their proposal to be taken into consideration, the presenters will have to provide all the information requested in the proposal form. The form must be sent to the 2008 Conference Secretariat susan.ryan@thewillowgroup.com before January 25, 2008. Any proposal received after that date will not be considered.

Other requirement: The presenters must provide participants with reference documentation.

Registration: Participants are to register for workshops using the Conference registration form. They can also register on-site, if places are available. Please note that registration for workshops will be made on a "first come, first served" basis. Some workshops may be fully booked before the start of the Conference. Workshop registration fees are in addition to the Conference registration fees. The workshops will be delivered in the language identified on the registration form.

A workshop may be cancelled if there is insufficient interest.

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