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Evaluation of Complex Initiatives (13) [EN]

Martha McGuire, Cathexis Consulting Inc.; Rochelle Zorzi, Cathexis Consulting Inc.; Maximillien Tereraho, Human Resources and Social Development Canada

11 mai 2008, 13 h 00 - 19 h 00 - Intermediate - 30 places

In a complex world, programs are becoming increasingly complicated and require different evaluation approaches. Evaluations of complex initiatives need to take into account the horizontal connections, which are the relationships and linkages to other initiatives within the same level of government. It also must take into account the vertical linkages with other levels of government and non-government partners. The dynamics of those relationships is also an important consideration. Methods for evaluating complex initiatives included. This workshop will explore the various types of complexity that can occur (horizontal and vertical), some of the issues related to conducting complex evaluations (e.g., getting informed consent, compatibility of monitoring systems, power and authority) and some mechanisms for addressing those issues (e.g., inclusion of key parties in the evaluation planning process, common fields across multiple databases, multiple complementary logic models, common performance measures.


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